About Us

   The Department of Mathematics at SUSTech was founded in 2015 with a dual mission of creating a first-class research and education organization for mathematics and providing service courses in support of other academic departments at SUSTech. We currently have 33 full-time faculty members, including 5 Chair Professors, 7 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 11 Assistant Professors, and 8 teaching faculty members. Research interests of our faculty members cover a broad array of areas including Pure Mathematics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, and Financial Mathematics.

  We have BSc programs in (1) Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, (2) Financial Mathematics and (3) Statistics. The BSc program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics emphasizes mathematics foundation and mathematical problem solving skills. It prepares students for graduate studies in mathematics, computer science, information science, finance, economics and management science or math related jobs. The BSc program in Financial Mathematics aims to equip students with a solid math foundation and essential knowledge in finance and computing, and prepare them for jobs in the financial industry or graduate studies in financial mathematics. The BSc program in Statistics provides students with a solid mathematics foundation and essential knowledge for data collection, data modelling and data analysis. It prepares students for graduate studies in statistics and related areas. Students with a BSc degree in statistics can also find job opportunities in government agencies and private industries. All of our programs offer a wide range of courses on computing languages and computing methods, which are essential for graduate studies or job careers in the modern world.

  We are also developing MSc and PhD programs, and already have joint graduate programs in place with several leading universities around the world. We also teach a wide range of service courses for engineering and sciences students at SUSTech.

  Our department is a young and vibrant department. It is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years. We are actively recruiting new faculty members, postdocs, visitors and graduate students. We welcome outstanding individuals to join us in our exciting journey to becoming a first-class mathematics department.