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2019 Global Scientists Interdisciplinary Forum - Mathematics


The Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an important conference for talent recruitment. It aims to provide a platform for academic exchanges among young scholars at home and abroad, to promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation, and discuss the approach for the construction of world-class universities and disciplines. Through the recruitment of world-class talents, we plan to build SUSTech into a high-level research university with unique characteristics in the world.


Qualifications for Applicants

(a)   Under age of 40 born after 1 January 1979;

(b) Doctoral degree obtained from internationally renowned universities and institutes; or Ph.D. degrees from Chinese universities with more than 3 years of working abroad, with achievements in related fields or good potential for further development; scholars with academic influence in the related field. Scholars from all areas are welcome.


Forum Schedule

Registration Date: January 4, 2019Friday

Date of the Forum: January 5-6, 2019



Please submit your CV to institutional mailbox of SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies ( or, entitled “SUSTech Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum Application- Mathematics” for evaluation. The application will close on December 15, 2018. Successful applicants will receive the invitation before December 20, 2018. 


Travel and Accommodation

(a) Free accommodation and lodging will be provided;

(b) Travels: All invited participants need to purchase their own tickets (economy class). We will provide travel reimbursement for the actual cost of tickets between 12/20/2018-01/20/2019 (maximum CNY 12,000 per person).


Contact Information

1.Ms. Xianghui Yu (Department of Mathematics)

Tel: +86-75588018711



2.Ms. Shanshan Li (SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies)

Tel: +86-75588015713 



Salary and Benefits

I. Income and Benefits

1. Globally competitive (including US & HK) salary;

2. Apartment inside campus (depending on remaining apartment quantity) or housing allowance of leasing outside;

3. Social InsuranceRetirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds. Special health insurance negotiable.

4. A total of CNY 2.75 million living subsidies, including:

(1) National living subsidies CNY 500,000;

(2) Guangdong Provision living subsidies CNY 250,000;

(3) Shenzhen living subsides of CNY 2 million (“Shenzhen peacock talent plan B”).

II. Lab space no less than 150 square meters.

III. A total of approximate CNY 12 million research fund, including:

1. National research fund CNY 1-3 million;

2. Guangdong Provision start-up fund CNY 250,000;

3. Shenzhen living start-up fund of CNY 3-5 million (“Shenzhen peacock talent plan B”);

4. Nanshan District start-up fund of CNY 200,000;

5. SUSTech start-up fund of CNY 3 million.

6. Special requirements negotiable.

IV. Living supports

1. Registered permanent residence service of scholar’s family (spouse and children) for Chinese;

2. Resident visa service of scholar’s family (spouse and children) for foreigners;

3. Children’s education in SUSTech affiliated preschool, primary school and middle school;

4. Spouse’s employment service.

V. National, province and Shenzhen talent programs application service. Special requirements negotiable.


About SUSTech

Southern University of Science and TechnologySUSTechis a public research university established in 2011, funded by Shenzhen Municipality. Widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator in collectively moving China’s higher education forward to match China’s ever-growing role in the international arena, SUSTech aspires to be a globally-renowned university that contributes significantly to the advancement of science and technology by excelling in interdisciplinary research, nurturing creative future leaders and creating knowledge for the world. Located in Shenzhen, one of the fastest growing cities in China and the country’s window to the world, SUSTech enjoys strong connections with leading companies in China and renowned universities around the world.

Currently, SUSTech has about 350 tenure/tenure-track professors, 24 academicians and fellows of academies, 18 “Changjiang” scholars; more than 50% of faculties are high-level talents. There are more than 5300 students in SUSTech, including 4029 high quality undergraduate students and 1352 graduate students. In 2016, SUSTech's research fund of per faculty member was ranked No. 3 in all mainland universities of China. In 2018, SUSTech was ranked No. 26 in “Nature Index” among all mainland universities of China. It only takes four years for SUSTech to increase the ranking in “Nature Index” from 55 to 26. The “Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars” showed that among world's 100 fastest-rising organizations, SUSTech was ranked 4th in the list, which is No. 1 among young universities established after 1988. On September 26th, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 were released with Southern University of Science and Technology being listed for the first time. SUSTech was ranked 8th among the 72 mainland China universities on the list.

The schools and departments of SUSTech welcome all eligible young scholars at home and abroad to apply and attend the Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum!


About Department of Mathematics

The SUSTech Mathematics Department was founded in June, 2015 and dates back to April, 2011, when SUSTech first opened its doors with the approval of the Chinese government and set up the Financial Mathematics Department, one of the six start-up departments. As of the 2018 - 2019 academic year, the Department consists of 39 faculty members, 72 graduate students, and 249 undergraduate majors. Now the Department is located in Block 3, Wisdom Valley (Hui Yuan), 1088, Xueyuan Boulevard. Our administrative office is located in Room 401 on the fourth floor.

The Department offers undergraduate programmes in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Mathematics and master/PhD programmes in nearly all fields of mathematical sciences. We also have joint PhD programs with a number of well-known overseas/non-mainland universities.

Research interests of our faculty members cover a broad array of areas including Mathematics (dynamical systems, algebra and combinatorics, algebraic number theory, PDEs, mathematical physics and differential geometry, etc.), Computational and Applied Mathematics (numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, scientific computing, inverse problems, data science, etc.), Probability and Statistics, and Financial Mathematics.

A number of faculty members have made high-impact and fundamental contributions to their areas of research, including solving two over 100-year old problems (the Painleve Conjecture in dynamical systems and the Burnside problem in permutation group theory); they publish their results in prestigious research journals, such as Annals of Mathematics, and Inventiones Mathematicae. Two of the faculty members were invited to give 45-minute talks at the International Congress of Mathematicians, and were given National Young Investigator Award (US), and National Science Award (second prize, China), respectively.

Members of the Department are encouraged to engage actively in research, and performance in this area is an important criterion for advancement and promotion. Some members publish routinely the results of their research in leading international journals and are internationally known experts in their fields of specialisation. Some have been invited to serve as editor-in-chiefs, associate editors and in editorial boards for more than 30 international research journals.

In the last three years, our faculty members successfully obtained 35 research grants (25 at the national level), totaling over 15 million RMB. The success rates of NSFC grant application are 50%, 59% and 73% from 2016 to 2018, respectively.

Since 2015, a large number of young scholars, who have obtained their doctoral degrees or had work experience at universities in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and UK, have joined the Department. These young scholars are experienced and knowledgeable, very active in research, and full of vigor and vitality. We are actively recruiting new faculty members, postdocs, visitors and graduate students. We welcome outstanding candidates to join us in our exciting journey to join the ranks of major mathematical departments in the world.